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Upper Hand Control

What You Need To Know About Scissors©

Finding the "Sweet Balance Point" on your scissors.

Scissors are designed to be used in a consistent method that allows the thumb to control all of the blade movement while you are cutting.


  • The fingers relax on the handle;

  • Only the small finger pushes downward slightly on the finger rest,

  • This pushes the handle softly upward to meet your relaxed fingers. 

  • The scissors balance is evenly distributed across all your fingers.

  • The upper hand controls the scissors balance, freeing the thumb to easily open and close the blades without any pressure on the scissors or your hand.


This method also keeps the finger ring blade from bouncing and in a stable position.


Your small finger allows you to balance the scissors when it is pressed down lightly on the finger rest. Without a finger rest the scissor weight is automatically shifted to the thumb and that is nothing but trouble. See Thumb Pressure

  • Hold your scissor without your thumb touching it. Find the "sweet balance point" with just your fingers holding the scissor.

  • You will start to feel comfortable and in control.  Remember; no thumb touching the scissor.

  • Doing anything that is new it is not hard, it is only different until you do it a few times.

  • Place as little thumb inside the thumb ring hole as possible.  There should not be any scissor weight on your thumb. 

  • When you open and close the blades you'll notice how smooth and effortless this action is.

  • Each time you pick up your scissors finding the habitual "sweet  balance point" should be a natural impulse, your thumb never touching your scissors until you are cutting hair.


Scissors Upper Hand Control Video

See scissors holding technique  for acquiring a relaxed hand while hair cutting. Hear the reasons why this make sense.

Monologues can be called opinion, in this case it is based on decades of experience.

Creatively we are all unique, however, without standards nothing is measurable and possibly cannot be recreated. Upper hand control is the measurable standard that can make your creative design more beautiful and your technical cutting methods even more perfect. Together we can make good scissors cut the way they were intended. 


When I hear things like, "this is my cutting style", can't teach an old dog new tricks", I learned this at an advanced academy", "have you seen my work", this is confusing cutting methods with what makes cutting efficient and more precise. If you want all of your skills to develop equally, Scissors University© offers a unique and successful insight.

Scissors cut hair with identical mechanics and physics no matter who made them, how it's made, length, or type handle,how beautiful it looks,etc. When adjusted properly, held without stress. has the proper edge, all scissors will cut to it's individual manufactured performance level. The real difference is that the level of performance is determined at the factory, materials used, skill of craftsman, depth of knowledge, and with compliance to industry standards. 


In other words some scissors cut with more precision than others. Why is that? There are companies that produce scissors at a much higher level of manufactured performance and they are more precise. This alone does not make the scissors more precise tool for you, unless it's delivery system is supported with you setting the correct tension, you having a relaxed hand, and you maintaining the proper edge everyday. Take any one of these disciplines away from the equation and your completed work might not end up being what you expected. Work harder to create the perfect hair cut with your technical method or we can talk about perfecting your upper hand control to move things along today.