Commentary by Tom Columbia

Analysis Of The Obvious


Intermingling the mind set of the salesperson / sharpener and the creative perception of the haircutter is what led to my successful inclusion of a Scissors Educators impact on the natural buying process.


This is simply applying the features and benefits of the product alongside the haircutter’s expectations of the scissor’s performance.

Tipping Point


Selling at the suggested price is being unjustifiably deemed as gouging, overcharging, or swindling.

Buy $1000 Scissor?


Except for a few major players a majority of the scissors are indistinguishable.

Profits Disintegrate


Do not despair, you are not entombed with this lowest price curse.

A Stylist's Desire


Assuming that stylist fully recognize the impact of these options on a scissors ease of use is a misstep.