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Thumb Pressure

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Many things come into play when we discuss why thumb pressure is such an issue with excess wear and blade damage. Scissors need a relaxed hand to cut with perfection.


  • The tension setting is usually out of adjustment which results in a stressed hand.

  • Lack of upper hand control because of loose tension.

  • Thumb holds the weight of scissors and manipulates the blades to force cutting. 

Review these classes and that should give you enough encouragement for a starting point to resolve the use of the thumb pressure.


Tension Settings

Upper Hand Control


This only works if you are willing to make the effort. Thumb pressure is a learn habit from over compensation which means you can unlearn it. 


I have worked with hundreds of stylist that made this correction with upper hand control successfully. Once you start adjusting the tension the thumb can relax and allow the scissors to work properly. The ease of cutting is immediately obvious and that alone is worth your effort to make the correction.