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Tension System Assembly

Not all tensions systems look the same, however the assembly methods will be similar. When experiencing regular adjustment issues with your scissor contact your service provider or the manufacturer. Tension systems can wear out and in some cases parts can be missing, or it could possibly be defective. The tension affects every aspect of your scissors ability to function, it is imperative that it works properly.


1. On a Click or Ratchet Tension System there is a metal washer that has a small bump facing the tension nut to contact its teeth; it will click when being adjusted. Some scissors recess the washer into the pivot area, this offers a lower profile to the tension nut and requires a special tool to make the adjustments. Be sure the bump contacts the teeth, it may be necessary to slightly bend the washer if it is worn and completely flat. Replace this part if it appears worn or cracked and never place it between the blades. Keep all the tension system parts clean.

Other types of tension nuts do not have a separate washer, instead they have an attached washer that is smooth or has a rubber bushing and they do not click when turned. 

Scissors Assembly
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Click or Ratchet Tension System Assembly

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2. This tension nut has teeth that contacts the bump on the washer for securing the tension setting. Not all tension nuts have teeth; some have an attached umbrella shaped washer or a rubber bushing and does not click when adjusted. (Pressure Tension Systems)


3. The small washer provides the give and take when adjusting the tension. This part is very inexpensive, and should be replaced each time your scissor is sharpened. DO NOT LOSE IT. In fact, I recommend having a spare, you can keep it safely in a coin envelope. 


The nylon washer is usually the only nonmetal part of the tension system, without it you will not be able to adjust the scissor.  Should you lose it, contact the scissors manufacturer or your service provider.

When you have a Standard Screw System, there is no need for a metal washer. There will be a screw with a small nylon washer placed under the screw head. This system is adjusted with a flathead screwdriver, or coin if the slot is wide.

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