Nothing Is More Invisible

Than The Obvious



Analysis Of The Obvious

Richard Farson


New Enduring strategies between PDs and dealers are open to all topics, there can be no secret alliances.

Selling Your Competitors Product

Everyone’s intent is usually genuine, yet when product does not sell on its own merit and without leadership the devotion to the original plan deteriorates.


New - Cold Calls - Chapter One

A Thought Provoking Cold Call

Generic questions without any relevance to the prospect will easily expose a lack of preparation, appears uncertain, and do overs usually are more difficult.

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New - Cold Calls - Chapter Three

Are You A Constructive Influence?

It is not unusual for stylist to respond to their colleagues’ contributions, sometimes offering everything from reassurance to expressing complete amazement.

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Who Buy's $1000 Scissors

If you are sharpening 1000-dollar scissors, that is wonderful if they were purchased from you.  If not, why are your service clients buying from a competitor.


A Stylist Desire To Create A Perfect Haircut

A Scissors Options - Chapter One

Every stylist can randomly pick up a scissor and use it effectively, however that is not parallel with efficiency.

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A Stylist Desire To Create A Perfect Haircut

A Scissors Blade - Chapter Three

Blade selection entails two essential features, its length (reach) and the edge (type of sharpness).

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New Small independent vendors have their own muscles to flex.

Is Your Value Greater Than Your Product

Dissolve unredeemable and fractured associations that are no longer viable to the business that you envision.

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New - Cold Calls - Chapter Two

Why The Buyer Walks Away

Take away the price debate by having a prepared process of recognizing authentic buyers as the priority and then the genuine sales will not fade away.


A Tipping Point

Scissor's Industry Growth

Selling at the suggested price is being unjustifiably deemed as gouging, overcharging, or swindling.

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Why Profits Disintegrates

Those of you that do sell on lowest price; how often has this strategy been challenged as not being sufficient.  Be frank with yourself because it will never be adequate. 

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A Stylist Desire To Create A Perfect Haircut

A Scissors Handle - Chapter Two

A scissors handle and blade work as a team, however, it is the handle that ultimately defines the efficiency of the blade.

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A Stylist Desire To Create A Perfect Haircut

A Scissors Edge - Chapter Four

The significance of the blades edge being the most essential aspect of a scissors function is indisputable.