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Developing Career Disciplines 

Correct Tension, Relaxed Hand, Proper Cutting Edge.


All hair cutting scissors adhere to being used with simplistic disciplines. Some scissor manufacturers are better at it than others, yet they all claim they are the best. My job is to help you to discover the difference. Your professional hair cutting technique, and creativity will have little momentum without developing the skills necessary to execute these disciplines early in your career.


Acquiring this knowledge prepares you to differentiate why some scissors perform with precision while others merely cut hair. Scissors produce the desired result to the deserving few that have prepared themselves to recognize the difference.


Every function, or malfunction of scissors is associated with you understanding the tension setting, proper hand control, and maintaining the correct cutting edge. If hair cutting success is this simple, why do so many people ignore career disciplines?

For a smooth reviewing process follow the classrooms as they are presented.

Bring your scissors, these are hands on classes.

Developing Disciplines
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Tension Settings

Tension is second to no other function of scissors, including the sharpness. Every aspect of performance depends on the quality of it's material and attentiveness of it's purpose. Can you imagine that there would be a reason to ignore it. 

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Trouble Shooting

Education, though available, has been trivial at best. Scissors University will assist in filling a portion of this void.

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Scissors Assembly

Taking your scissor apart to clean them helps you understand how it functions. Take charge of your scissor knowledge and separate yourself from folks that think this is beyond their abilities. 

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Thumb Pressure

Pushing, pulling, and exerting any force or horizontal pressure when cutting only over rides the purpose of ergonomic scissors engineering. Thumb pressure is a self induced habit that needs to be overcome. We know how to break old habits.

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Finger Inserts

Inserts give a more secure feel, yet never tight. Too tight will restrict radial and directional movements with the scissors. Read More


Handle Designs

Scissors handles have an impact on all aspects of  hair cutting. Some designs allow more radial and direction movements, relieving stress on the wrist. Improving body position and posture can extent longevity of your career.

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Upper Hand Control

Every function or malfunction of scissors is associated with the tension setting, your hand control, and a proper cutting edge. If hair cutting success is this simple, why do so many people ignore career disciplines.

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Blade Edges

There are only two types of scissor blades. Neither are right or wrong, only different. Select the blade type that is most suited for your needs. Read More

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Sculpting Scissors

Sculpting hair versus cutting it shorter can create lift, create soft to hard separations, naturalize movement, redefine shape, soften hard lines, renew hidden activity, offering an overall good hairstyle a new appearance.

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Making Scissors

A quick and easy way to check the authenticity of Japanese shears is to check the country of origin.

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Texture Scissors

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Choosing Scissors

This is the diploma earning class at the Scissors University©. Entering here means you have made a commitment to the career disciplines by having completed the other classes first. The ability to make a qualified scissors selection is a learned process and is not what just feels good in your hand, yet it's a place to start.

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