Yes! You can sell tens of thousands of dollars worth of scissors every month.
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PowerPoint video slide presentation demonstrating the importance of developing a compelling purpose for your product sales. Not narrated, 7 second delay between slides, 1.5 minutes in length.

Intro to Selling Scissors Workshop.

Produced by Tom Columbia / Scissors Sales Coach

Cold Call & Sales Coaching

Schedule of subjects to be discussed. 

I recommend:

The New Conceptual Selling

by Robert B. Miller & Stephan E, Heiman

The most effective and proven method for face to face sales planning.


A workshop discussing the details of why customers prefer to buy scissors and avoid being sold.

1. Question The Answers

Questions are the Google Maps for locating where you are in a conversation.

2. Information Is Created By Silence

Silence is a power created by avoiding a quick response, use it to gather additional insight.


3. Paradigms

We think we see the world as it is, however, we see things as we were conditioned to see them. Change the way you see things; this will change you. Stephen T Covey: Author


4. Price Equals Perceived Value

The desire for a lower price is never satisfied, it lowers the buyer’s expectation of performance. Learn how to defend value.


5. Life Before The Product Pitch

Conceptual Selling begins with the recognition that every decision involves another individual predetermined perception.


6. It's All About Me

Product as important as it is, is least important when discovering your customers concept or perception. Product before a solution is only a product.


7. Identify The Buying Process

Learn to recognize that we all respond to a sequenced decision-making process based on finding a solution.


8. Assembling The Facts Is A Process

Get information, Give information, Get commitment.

Commitments are the result when a customer can visualize a solution matching a specific need. Follow the customers lead.