Workshop Specifics

Selling Scissors Workshop has two areas of presentation. 

1. Workshop:

Topics - Prepare to Educate, Cold Call & Sales Coaching, Product Development.


The workshop will answer your questions.


Who are your customers. What strengthens your ability to have a solid conversation about scissors. When to present your solutions with confidence. Where your efforts will be the most productive. How to discover your customers true needs.Why your customers want to buy from you.

This is a downloadable / printable PDF of the SellingScissors.Com Coaching Program for scissors distributors that are interested in setting up a telephone interview or a Sales Coaching Workshop

Workshop Requirements

  • All attendees should plan on hearing the entire program and be willing to participate as it is normal to expand individual comfort zones.

  • Presentation time required is 4 to 6 hours.

  • One to twenty participants works well as long as the room size is comfortable and seating is adequate for viewing the presentation. 

  • Provide one TV video screen suitable for room size or a slide projector, both need to accept a HDMI cable for a laptop computer.

  • All participants will need at least one pair of scissors and a comb for the hands on portion of the demonstration. This includes anyone that is involved with scissors, even if they do not cut hair. Being familiar with handling scissors and having the same knowledge about the product is paramount to success.

  • At least one mannequin head and stand. 

2. Real Street Sales Detailing:

Detailing in your territory is important for you to experience live cold calls, sales meetings, and setting up salon scissors classes. It transforms the workshop observations into a working exposure that can be duplicated in your own unique way.


Why detail in your region and not a neutral one? This program is a reset button for your business model. Your customer base is special and it is reality for you. So often I hear "that's fine in your area, my customers won't do this". Customers buy what you are presenting and your product is you. Stylist and barbers will be very interested in the information that you offer as a Scissors Educator in contrast to a person just selling scissors. 

Sales Detailing Day(s) Requirements

  • For the best results detail day should be a normal working schedule.

  • Booking appointments in advance for salon or stylist sales meetings, and product knowledge classes have been successful with previous programs.

  • Cold calls are cold, no one is expecting us to stop into their business. I like to call these Courtesy Calls.

  • It is important that you have your own sales sample display for detailing days.

  • I do not provide any scissor samples for detailing.

  • I will assist in organizing the participants scissor samples display for the sales detailing.

  • Participants on sales detailing need to be familiar with product knowledge, pricing, active promotions, payment options, and any paperwork necessary for a day of selling.

  • Do not schedule any personal non-work-related appointments during the detail day.