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As an independent Scissors Sales Coach & Educator, I do not represent a particular scissors brand or manufacturer.


My methods work with any scissors brand so when training I can use your existing inventory or help you develop a new inventory with the brand of your choosing.

However, there are industry leaders that put forth a more professional effort with product quality control, service, support, education, marketing, and branding.

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Product Development


Once you purchase inventory for resale you own it. Master Distributors return policies vary so ask before making a purchase. You should be able to have an informative and comfortable conversation with any of your vendors. In other words, the vendors should be very interested in your needs. Success should include everyone.

1. Power of None

No inventory equals no sales. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In this case it means weak or no sales. Customers are visual, fulfilling that need is important. When you have the right inventory, you will present it properly. 

2. What Is The Correct Inventory?

Your day to day inventory has a direct impact on your sales goal at the end of the year. Do not be afraid of inventory, when it's right, you are profitable. There is a specific amount of product that works just for your business model. Let's discover what's best together.

3. How many different scissors should you stock?

There are endless options for individual scissors models and then they come in different sizes. Example: Having the best made shoes ever made for sale, however, they come only in size 9; are you kidding.  You do not need everything available, so selection must be practical. I can help you with this process.

4. Pricing is not the issue, it's all in your head.

If you feel scissors are overpriced, this is the wrong business for you. Objection to price is the opportunity to defend your products value and benefits. You will learn how to stop pricing push back from customers.

5. 1.6 Daily Sales = $100,000 Yearly 

Let’s look at the simplicity of achievable sales goals and the personal effort needed. Most importantly let’s explore your willingness to use your skills to create new business opportunities.

PowerPoint Video presentation for creating a scissors inventory for independent dealers & scissors sharpeners. Not narrated, view only, 7 second delay between slides, one narrated embedded 4 minute video by Barry Trailer / Miller Heiman Sales Method.

Produced by Tom Columbia, Scissors Educator for SellingScissors.Com sales coaching workshop.

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This is a downloadable / printable PDF of the SellingScissors.Com Coaching Program for scissors distributors that are interested in setting up a telephone interview or a Sales Coaching Workshop