Prepare To Educate

What You Need To Know About Scissors©


a. Why Sales People Underestimate Scissors Sales

When you show little interest other than the sale, nothing separates you from the competition. Stand out as a Scissors Educator by learning about your customer and understanding their buying process.


Product orientation during the sales presentation prepares customers to assume responsibility for the performance of their scissors.


b. What Great Hair Cutters Don't Ever Tell

Creativity, technique, and physics need to be aligned to achieve a great hair cut.


Discovering a strength or a weakness in this sequence will project tremendous credibility during your scissors presentation.

Intensify your confidence as a Scissors Educator by attending a workshop that details what makes scissors function properly. Reinforce what you already know and add more options to enhance your sales presentation.


A practical awareness of a scissors mechanics helps every stylist enjoy all aspect of their scissors.

1. Who Sets The Standards

Correct tension, relaxed hand, and proper edge. Can it really be this simple? Maybe that is why nobody pays attention to it. Career Discipline's are developed.


2. Tension Settings

It is the users daily responsibility to check it. Tension is what allows scissors to cut hair effortlessly. Why does everyone ignore it?


3. Relaxed Hand or Upper Hand Control

Upper hand control tells a unique story, it can be spotted from across the room. Understanding it is the an enormous conversation starter that builds instant credibility to you as an educator.  


4. Thumb Pressure

I discuss every aspect of horizontal thumb pressure. This self induced over compensation by stylist is the number one cause of scissor malfunction, premature edge loss, and personal injury. You need to know how to deal with this in order to be successful at presenting scissors.

5. Proper Edge Care

The edge is a scissors reputation. Maintaining the original manufacturers specifications is always the goal. Service the scissors that you sell and concentrate on the people that buy your product.