Meet Tom

Scissors Sales Coach


The professional scissors business has been the major commitment of mine since 1993. I have developed sincere relationships, friendships, and successes at every level of the salon and barber industry. It has also been one of the most valuable experiences in my life.

As a independent distributor of multiple scissor brands for decades I discovered the reasoning of why hair cutters purchase new scissors. Using this logic will help you build customer loyalty for a lifetime.

Tom Columbia

Scissors Sales Coach / Consultant


Twenty Five years of selling and educating stylist and barbers about their scissors has developed my sense of why they purchase. I will share this discovery with you.

You want people saying" I never knew that before today."

Cell: 603-490-4318

My Story. I Started Just Like Everyone Else.

I had lots of ambition and thought I knew what to expect, then reality set in.


Even though Integrity Beauty Supply is now a Scissors Sales Training / Consulting business and no longer a day to day retailer, this is the background story of how it started. 

It's 1993 and I have recently left my hair care product sales position and I am about to embark on a new adventure of selling hair cutting scissors to the salon's that I had been calling on for many years.  Prior to getting involved with sales I had years of experience as a stylist, salon owner, platform artist, and an educator in many areas of cosmetology.  With all these skill sets in hand I headed out with my portfolio of new scissors samples, more than ready to conquer anything. 


I was amazed when my brand new scissors would bend, pinch, push, and pull hair when placed into the hands of potential customers.  Not only did they fail to perform as I knew they should, it was random, and varied with each user.They were either too long, too short, or too heavy or too light. Somehow these scissors were too pointed or rounded. Their fingers or thumb would slip through the finger rings. This was not what I had expected.


Was I deceived by the manufacturer when I purchased these new scissors? Why would they sell me faulty product? The epiphany moment was discovering that not all malfunctions or issues with scissors are from poorly made products, but in the many cases it was caused by the user overcompensating as a result of not doing routine daily maintenance.  This includes bending, pinching, pulling, and pushing of hair while cutting, or many other unexplained scissors events. Sharpening scissors does not fix user error, good coaching prior to the purchase makes all the difference.

Stylist are creative survivors, if their scissors are supposed to cut, yet do not,    they will damn well make them work. Forcing a scissor to cut hair develops a technique that is unique to that one stylist. These individual techniques would vary by salon and with each stylist. This is a disaster, because without standards for daily scissors maintenance, upper hand control, thumb pressure, and common sense scissor knowledge how could a scissors performance be evaluated.

This is why I developed"What You Need To Know About Scissors©". This became the foundation of Integrity's business model. It was not important to just sell scissors, but to place them in the hands of the stylist for all the right reasons. Right price, right performance, with the right information to use and care for them. It worked. I mean, it really worked!

Integrity has been matching its customers cutting needs and my knowledge of scissors to assist in successful purchases since 1993.  My "one on one" teaching methods has been helping stylist gain control of their scissors for decades; no matter how long a person has been have cutting hair these standards allow their scissors to perform correctly every day until they are ready for service. 

Integrity Beauty Supply provided a booklet "What You Need To Know About Scissors" with every scissor purchase.  See PDF File. It emphasized how to properly maintain a scissor for an entire day’s work and then encouraged it be repeated daily before starting the work day. This booklet was a quick reference for upper hand control, tension settings, thumb pressure, and a stylist daily responsibilities when using their scissors. This quick reference has morphed from paper to digital form as the"Scissors University©."