Selling Scissors Is Not The Same As Selling Shampoo.

Have A Conversation With Me And Start Selling More Scissors.

Schedule a personnel telephone interview with me to determine the compatibility of this program and your company needs. 

The program includes an interactive workshop and coached sales calls in your working area. You determine the number of coaching days.

Cost of my program is a standard daily rate, plus expenses.


My fee is provided in the interview when there is a compatible match-up of my service and your needs. Please be familiar with the information provided on this site about my services when you contact me.

Prepare to Educate

My program provides everything that you don't think you need to know, until you need it.  Defeat objections before they arise with a strong presentation.

Cold Call Coaching

This is the most critical aspect of building business, make your story worthwhile and important to the listener. It starts with what your expectations are when you walk in the door.

Product Development

Which product is right for my customers? How does the inventory effect my sales? So many proctuct choices, they all say they are the best. Is there really a difference.

This is a downloadable / printable PDF of the SellingScissors.Com Coaching Program for scissors distributors that are interested in setting up a telephone interview or a Sales Coaching Workshop

Success feels great!

How it feels when you match customer needs with a solution.