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Guest Lecturers: Dongho Jun and Sunjoo Park 

Dongho Jun and Sunjoo Park ,a premier team in the scissors industry are presenting some insight to the Making of Scissors as a guest lecturer at Scissors University.

Heat Treatment Is The Decision Maker

As you know from experience, some shears go dull within weeks while others are able to stay sharp for many months. Highly skilled craftsmanship can give the shears a nice cutting sensation, however, it is the materials complimented with the appropriate heat treatment process that allows shears to last longer.

The Heat Treatment Process is the major factor in deciding the quality of shears.

1. Material - High quality shears cannot exist without the refined materials to manufacture them.


2. Heat Treatment -  The measurable standard of the Heat Treatment Process is difficult to visually evaluate and yet it is critical to the most desirable characteristics of a shears rigid structure. The final evaluation of shears will be its ability to perform for its entire lifetime, not just that is a beautiful tool.


3. Craftsmanship  - When experienced craftsman unleash their skills on properly treated, quality steel, they produce shears with unparalleled cutting longevity and performance.

Advanced Heat Treatment Technology is unique and only available at specialized factories in Korea and Japan. The superior car manufacturing technology in Japan contributed to the advanced heat treatment techniques used in the shear industry.


Inexpensive shears can appear to be high quality, however, genuine heat processing would be questionable as it is a time consuming procedure and would substantially increase the production cost.