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Finger or Ring Inserts

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Why so much fuss about finger inserts?

When inserts are used as intended they assist people with small hands manage upper hand control. Using inserts as a substitute instead of appropriate scissors handling technique is a low standard and should not be accepted as normal. Setting a higher standard takes effort, either educators won't take the time, don't care, or just have no idea why it's important.  Inserts are designed to assist with upper hand control, but they will never take its place.

Finger or Ring Inserts

Many stylist unknowingly develop the habit of applying horizontal thumb pressure on the scissors handle. Generally caused by a loose tension setting that contributes to scissors wobble.

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Scissors are designed to function with no horizontal thumb pressure.  It is recommended to try using a ring insert in the finger ring first. This will give a more secure feel, yet it should never be tight. A tight fit will restrict radial and directional movements blade with the scissors. See Upper Hand Control

When your fingers are secure and relaxed on the scissors handle you are in control and the thumb will less likely push or pull to create any unnecessary horizontal pressure.


The thumb should only touch or slightly rest on an insert.  Never jamb the thumb into the ring until it is snug. The scissors weight needs to stay distributed across the fingers not on the thumb. Inserts should feel secure, never tight. Whenever the thumb actually enters the ring more than a 1/4 inch it becomes an excuse not to adjust the tension..

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