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Thank you for taking the time to research the SellingScissors.Com Coaching Workshops.  My program introduces specific topics & discussions that helps you to visualize and understand your customers natural buying process.


Owning a business is a commitment and it not only requires a financial investment, but it will also involve some of your most valuable assets that are not listed on the balance sheet as cash or inventory; your time. When selecting your business strategies, delegation of your time versus how successful the results, is a primary consideration. 


Teaming up with someone, like myself, that has traveled your path for decades, together we can precipitate an idea that can be developed into a profitable, and workable business model. Sharing my previous selling experience, along with your entrepreneurship we can create a totally new process and that would be priceless.


Whether you are a startup or an existing scissors sales and service company, understanding what your customers’ needs are will determine what you select for products, the effectiveness of your follow up support, and how you will create your marketing. Establish your business credibility when you adjust your presentation away from selling and refocus on the individual customers buying process.

SellingScissors.Com, DBA / Integrity Beauty Supply, is a scissors sales coaching, and consulting business

is a scissors sales coaching, and consulting business. I do not represent a particular scissors brand, or a specific manufacturer. However, there are industry leaders that put forth a more professional effort with product quality, service, support, education, marketing, and branding.


These coaching methods will work with all scissor’s brands. During my coaching program we can use your existing inventory, or I can assist you in developing a new product selection, that you can honestly believe in.


I am interested in hearing your story, so feel free to contact me for a let’s get acquainted conversation.

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Prepare to Educate

Assuming everyone in the room has the same knowledge can be a  definition of failure. Confirm that knowledge with a good conversation about the subject. However, conversations go both ways. Be prepared.

Cold Call & Sales Coaching

This is a comprehensive workshop covering what takes place in every salespersons daily routine. Conceptual Selling is actually a process that makes customers feel comfortable with their individual buying process.

Product Development

Every product strategy should match the selected market. Inventory is not having something for everyone or one size fits all. The selection should offer pricing options that match the scissors performance level. Quality, value, perception. and credibility. 

This is a downloadable / printable PDF of the SellingScissors.Com Coaching Program for scissors distributors that are interested in setting up a telephone interview or a Sales Coaching Workshop