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Buy Scissors with Purpose, Performance, and Practicality.

Lets put aside frivolous wants, visual stimulus, emotions, ego, peer pressure,and focus on specific scissors needs. Many manufacturers are known for taking advantage of the creative aspect of the industry by presenting beauty over performance as a marketing approach. Others offer unsubstantiated claims of a high quality product and pricing based on a fictional story of manufactured origin. With Scissors University's education you can learn to avoid paying $1000 for scissors that should be $250 by getting past the story.

Common sense will merge your needs and wants into new scissors that are practical, have purpose, and a performance that matches your technical skills.

Technical skills defines where a stylist technical and creative abilities match up to comparable professional standards in the industry. I know this is a touchy subject, creativity should never be boxed in or forced between the lines. Without a definable process it is impossible to explain a process or recreate it. Standards are a credible means of measurement.


Purchasing scissors involve two  recognizable standards, individual expertise and it being compatible with the scissors manufactured performance level. If scissors perceived standards are harmonized with expectations, then all is good. None the less, stylist and scissors are not created equal.  


Purchasing product with the expectation it will compensate for ignoring Tension Settings, Upper Hand Control, and Thumb Pressure, will be a frustrating experience. Scissors that bend, pinch, pull, or push hair, are speaking volumes about how they are being used. Develop Career Disciplines at Scissors University and be as good as you can be.