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This site is specifically about selling and using haircutting scissors.  If you are a salesperson, sharpener, haircutter, or an educator, you can validate your existing awareness and also experience my unique vision for the scissor business.  Being an independent distributor of multiple scissor brands for decades I discovered the reasoning of why haircutters purchase new scissors and it developed into a method that solidifies customer loyalty.


Visit the Scissors University, it is a collection of common sense and logical explanations of a scissors ability to function perfectly.  Originally formatted for my customers, as an easy access support platform to summarize responsibilities, do research, and to problem-solve minor scissor malfunctions. Today it has become a reference site for every degree of scissor enthusiast from all over the world.


Your comments and ideas are welcome here. Please consider being a guest lecturer and share your scissor knowledge with other like-minded individuals. Submit your article at any time for approval.

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Please Note: This is an educational web site. You cannot purchase scissors or request sharpening services here. Thank You

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Why Profits Disintegrate

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Introduction to your scissors tension systems

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Stylist Are Highly Motivated Haircutters

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Stylist Are Highly Motivated Haircutters